Echo, a beautiful Oread, found out about Zeus’s affairs, but she covered it up in favour of him. Zeus's wife Hera however found out, and she cursed Echo.Therefore, she could only repeat the last words a person had spoken to her.

A certain while after being cursed, Echo spied a young man named Narcissus. She immediately fell in love with him . Though she wished with all her heart to call out to Narcissus, the curse prevented her and made herself humiliated by the words she only could repeat but didn’t want to say.

Narcissus refused Echo brutally, and eventually, Echo felt despaired and wasted away in sorrow. In the end, all that remained of Echo was the sound of her voice. As to Narcissus, because of being presumptious and cruel to Echo, he was cursed to fall in love with his own reflection in the water. One day, he fell into the water and died, and became a flower bearing his name.

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